Bonbons Grand Bleu Expand

Bonbons Grand Bleu


The ideal alliance between freshness and gluttony! Let yourself be carried away...

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(200 g)

Sugar candy cooked with mint essential oil and chocolate stuffed, individually packaged.
contains 200 gr.

Conservation & composition

Ingredients: glucose syrup (sulphites), sugar, cocoa paste 9.7%, sweetened condensed milk (whole milk, sucrose), butter, essential oil mint Mitcham 0.1%.

Possible traces of allergens (nuts, gluten-containing cereals, sulphite, milk and milk-based product, egg, soy.

Nutritional information for 100g. Energy: 1786 KJ/423 kcal, Fat: 8, 1g; Saturated fatty acids: 5, 1g; Carbohydrates: 84g; of which sugars: 83g; Protein: 1, 9g; Salt: 0, 02g. Keep dry, between 15 and 20 °c.